Dr. Mark Wilhelm, LL.M.
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Master of Insurance Law

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Dr. Mark Wilhelm specializes in insurance, reinsurance and liability.

He advises national and multi-national companies and stock corporations as well as reinsurers and social insurance carriers on issues regarding liability and coverage. He offers legal, strategic and tactical advice to managers.

Dr. Mark Wilhelm advises on liability, coverage and complex insurance products.


  • Strategic and tactical advice on important management decisions
  • Prevention and protection against liability risks for companies and their managers
  • Claiming against and defending managers
  • Coordination of complex multi causal liability cases


  • Coverage disputes in commercial insurance
  • Issues regarding D&O insurance
  • Supervision / coverage counsel for reinsurers in international disputes
  • Run-off of insurance portfolios

Drafting/ development

  • Development of insurance products for special risks
  • Drafting of insurance contracts
  • Group insurance contracts
  • Financial reinsurance, ART, alternative financing

Dr. Mark Wilhelm worked several years for an international law firm. In spring 2006, he founded the law firm Wilhelm together with Lars Winkler. In the course of a post-graduate program of studies, he obtained the “Master of Insurance Law – LL.M.” He is a specialist solicitor (Fachanwalt) for insurance law.

Dr. Mark Wilhelm acts as a counselor in the field of negotiation. He gives lectures and seminars on this issue and is author of the book “Verhandeln im Schadenfall” (“Negotiation in the event of loss”).


Highly recommended in insurance law  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2009/10 - 2015/16)

“Highly qualified and experienced“  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2014/15)

“Combines ‘a comprehensive knowledge of the law, a quick grasp of issues and practical advice’“  (Legal 500 Germany 2016)

"Known for his experience in D&O and coverage matters. Sources commend his negotiating ability."  (Chambers Europe 2016)

Leading Lawyer in Insurance and Reinsurance Germany  (Expert Guides 2015)


Lars Winkler
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Lars Winkler specializes in liability, litigation, labour law, social insurance law and corporate law.

He advises companies, social insurance carriers and board members on issues regarding liability, restructuring as well as M&A and represents clients in litigations.

He supports social insurance carriers and companies during restructuring (collective labour law, staff council issues) and represents companies or their board members in bringing claims or defending against recourse claims.


  • Claiming against and defending managers and board members
  • Advice on issues regarding liability, employment and labour in critical business situations
  • Claiming against and defending lawyers, notaries, tax consultants and architects (construction management) for breach of duties or incorrect advice
  • Product liability law and product insurance law
  • Assessment and assertion of damages


  • Representing clients in litigations and arbitration proceedings particularly with regard to liability and insurance matters
  • Representing clients in appeal proceedings including appeal against denial of leave to appeal
  • Representation before labour courts and social courts

Labour and social law

  • Representation of companies in matters regarding the collective labour law (mergers, partial shut downs, section 613 a German Civil Code) 
  • Advice and representation of managers and board members as well as of companies in defense or enforcement of liability claims
  • Advice and representation of companies, board members and mangers in proceedings regarding individual labour law (e.g. protection against dismissal)

In 2012, the acquisition of the former Commerzbank subsidiary PJSC Bank Forum on which Lars Winkler and Dr. Friedrich Isenbart advised received the “Ukrainian Banker Award: M&A Deal of the Year” issued by the Ukrainian InvestGazeta.

Lars Winkler worked several years as a partner for a medium sized law. Previously, he worked as a tutor. In 2006, he founded the law firm Wilhelm together with Dr. Mark Wilhelm. He is a specialist solicitor (Fachanwalt) for labour law.


Highly recommended in insurance law  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16)

Recommended in Litigation (Handelsblatt Best Lawyers 2016)

“Tough opponent in proceedings“  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2014/15)

“Very good understanding of technologically difficult issues and their translation for the court”  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2015/16)

"Lars Winkler is ‘very structured and analytical’"  (Legal 500 Germany 2016)


Felix Schaefer
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Felix Schaefer specializes in corporate and insolvency law. 

He advises companies and decision makers in critical business situations, for example in case of imminent insolvency or during corporate restructuring projects. He has extensive expertise in advising companies of the financial industry.


  • Advising managers on crucial decisions to avert liquidity crises
  • Advice on issues regarding insolvency law
  • Advice on capital market law


  • Drafting of group restructuring concepts
  • Development of financial reorganization strategies
  • Conception and transaction of mergers, takeovers and joint ventures

Before joining Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte, Felix Schaefer worked for several years as a partner with an international major law firm.


Dr. Fabian Herdter, LL.M. Eur.
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Master of International and European Business Laws

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-50

Dr. Fabian Herdter specializes in insurance, reinsurance and liability.

He supports our clients in asserting and enforcing liability claims as well as in fighting off defense claims. He represents clients in coverage disputes, particularly in D&O and fidelity insurance. Dr. Fabian Herdter further assists our clients in drafting and reviewing insurance programs and in developing and revising group insurance concepts.

Liability and coverage

  • Advising managers and executive boards in the event of expected claims
  • Representing managers and members of executive boards in liability disputes
  • Assertion and enforcement of coverage claims in commercial insurance on behalf of companies
  • Advising reinsurers on coverage issues and on how to enforce such claims

Insurance programs and insurance contracts

  • Optimization of international insurance programs
  • Identifying gaps in coverage in layer based insurance programs
  • Improving primary and excess cover (harmonization of insurance terms)
  • Improving co-insurance concepts
  • Drafting of insurance and reinsurance contracts
  • Review of insurance terms and conditions in order to avoid gaps in coverage

Group insurance

  • Drafting of group insurance concepts
  • Examination of existing group insurance contracts (liability risks, tax issues, suggestions for improvement)

Dr. Fabian Herdter obtained his doctorate on group insurance as a research assistant at the Institute for Insurance law in the House of Finance at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. He gave lectures at the Université Lumière Lyon and at the Open University Hagen. Dr. Fabian Herdter holds a Master of European and International Business Laws (LL.M. Eur.). He is business fluent in English and French. Before coming to Wilhelm, he worked as a lawyer in the practice group Insurance/ Reinsurance of an international law firm.


Highly recommended in insurance law  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2015/16)

"Analytically outstanding" (Legal 500 Germany 2017/18)

Rising Star in Insurance and Reinsurance Germany (Expert Guides 2015 and 2016)


Dr. Friedrich Isenbart
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-21

Dr. Friedrich Isenbart specializes in corporate law, compliance, regulatory and reinsurance law.

Dr. Friedrich Isenbart advises on domestic and cross-border transactions (asset and share deals) and on issues concerning capital market and regulatory law. He has particular expertise with transactions in the financial industry.

A further focus of his advice is on compliance and the organization of companies. He advises clients on the optimization of internal processes and structures as well as on the development of effective compliance systems. 

Dr. Friedrich Isenbart furthermore advises reinsurers in the context of major liability proceedings (litigation monitoring) and on coverage issues.


  • Domestic and cross-border M&A-transactions and private equity investments
  • Restructurings
  • Asset deals (esp. real estate and loan portfolios)


  • Assessment and optimization of processes and organizational structures
  • Design of compliance systems and advice on their implementation
  • Advice on compliance requirements

Regulatory and capital market law

  • Advice on Solvency II
  • Capital market law (esp. securities trading law, MiFID II)
  • Regulatory advice on transactions in the banking and insurance sector 


  • Advice in major (national and international) liability proceedings (litigation monitoring)
  • Advice on coverage issues under reinsurance agreements
  • Regulatory advice

Dr. Friedrich Isenbart worked with a major international law firm in the areas of corporate and restructuring as well as with a renowned German law firm specializing in banking law. He studied law in Osnabrück, Paris und Lausanne.

Dr. Friedrich Isenbart received the Financial Business Award 2014 and Law Award 2015 for Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte (both in the category Private Equity) issued by Finance Monthly Magazine. In 2012, the acquisition of the former Commerzbank subsidiary PJSC Bank Forum on which Lars Winkler and Dr. Friedrich Isenbart advised received the “Ukrainian Banker Award: M&A Deal of the Year” issued by InvestGazeta.


Christian Becker
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-14

As a specialist solicitor (Fachanwalt), Christian Becker advises companies and corporations among others on industrial indemnity insurance.

He supports our clients in bringing liability claims against tortfeasors as well as in defending against claims. He combines legal expertise and technical know-how.


  • Assertion of and defense against liability claims in case of damages to industrial plants
  • Assessment of implications of liability claims for insurance coverage
  • Safeguarding and asserting recourse claims


  • Assertion of coverage claims among others under all risks insurance (contractors‘ all risks insurance, construction all risks and machinery insurance) as well as under liability insurance (comprehensive general liability and product liability insurance, including products recall insurance)
  • Settlement of claims under project insurance policies


  • Drafting and legal review of insurance terms
  • Advice on the scope of coverage under individual policies

Christian Becker has longstanding and extensive experience in litigation. He gives lectures and writes articles on topical issues of commercial insurance. He is also a qualified electronic technician which helps him meet the complex challenges of our clients of the plant engineering industry.


Highly recommended in insurance law  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15)

“Committed litigator, expert on the subject matter“  (JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2012/13)

Recommended in Insurance - Dispute Resolution (Legal 500 Germany 2016)

"Has ‘great technical knowledge’" (Legal 500 Germany 2016)

"Creative, conscientious and always available" (Legal 500 Germany 2017)

Rising Star in Insurance and Reinsurance Germany (Expert Guides 2015 and 2016)


Christian Drave, LL.M.
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Master of Insurance Law

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-43

Christian Drave specializes in commercial insurance and liability.

The focus of his work is on the advice on issues regarding international insurance cover (i.a. with respect to international insurance programs). Christian Drave supports companies in working out optimal insurance solutions, in risk management and the settlement of claims.

As an expert for liability issues, Christian Drave advices companies on all aspects of liability and insurance cover. A focus of his advice is the coordination of liability claims and insurance cover in product liability cases and recalls, in particular internationally.

Christian Drave supports clients with the defense and the assertion of liability claims and recourse. He has extensive litigation experience – domestically and abroad. 


  • Defense and assertion of claims in liability cases
  • Safeguarding and asserting rights of recourse
  • International litigation in commercial law, transportation and maritime law


  • Coverage disputes i.a. on credit insurance, engineering insurance and commercial liability insurance
  • Issues regarding maritime and transportation insurance
  • Claims settlement: representation both in and out of court

Drafting / development

  • Drafting of insurance contracts
  • Captives and regulatory issues (in particular Solvency II requirements)
  • Development of concepts of risk management and risk transfer, ART

Christian Drave regularly holds lectures and publishes on specific insurance law issues, especially with respect to cyber risks and captives. He holds a “Master of Insurance Law” (LL.M.) and is a specialist solicitor for transportation and shipping law and a qualified shipping businessmen.


Cäsar Czeremuga, LL.M.
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Master of Insurance Law

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-19

Cäsar Czeremuga advises companies and decision makers in critical situations on liability and insurance law. 

He represents our clients in defense and assertion of liability claims and recourse claims.

Cäsar Czeremuga puts a focus on product liability and respective insurance. Furthermore, he advises on D&O liability and cover claims.


  • Assertion and enforcement of recourse claims
  • Defending producers of defective products against claims for compensation
  • Bringing claims against managers and defending managers against damage claims


  • Settlement of insured events out-of-court and through litigation
  • Matters regarding product liabilty insurance
  • Coverage disputes under D&O insurance

Cäsar Czeremuga studied in Münster and holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in insurance law. He was director of the Research Department for Insurance at the University of Münster for several years. He speaks German, English and Polish.


Martin Kandzia
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-24

Martin Kandzia advises on liability law, corporate law and tax law.

In addition to his legal expertise, Martin Kandzia has extensive tax and financial knowledge from his degree in fiscal economics (he graduated as “Diplom-Finanzwirt”). Among others, he is a contact person for companies with complex pecuniary claims or for decision makers with liability issues in the corporate and tax law context.


  • Representation in claims settlement, both in court and out-of-court
  • Advise on executive body liability (e.g. in connection with criminal tax law matters)

Corporate law

  • Advise of companies on corporate structuring, in particular in critical situations
  • Restructuring and rehabilitation


  • Advise on tax planning (tax compliance)
  • Tax law advise and representation of companies in situations close to insolvency or criminal tax law investigation proceedings

Martin Kandzia completed a combined study program at the tax authority of Lower Saxony. After that, he studied law at the University of Bremen. During his studies, Martin Kandzia worked as research assistant with several international corporate law firms.

In his dissertation, he deals with questions regarding corporate structuring in a company crisis. He speaks German, English and Polish.


Tobias Wessel
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-29

Tobias Wessel represents clients in legal disputes, amongst others in the areas of liability and insurance law.

With his experience in litigation, Tobias Wessel asserts claims for damages, recourse and coverage or defends clients against unjustified claims. He puts emphasis on out-of-court settlement and advice. In close cooperation with the client, he achieves dispute resolutions that meet the interests of all parties in order to settle disputes pragmatically at an early stage.

Tobias Wessel advises clients on drafting contracts, terms and conditions or statutes. He identifies potential conflictual aspects helping the client avoid liability risks.


  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Assertion of claims (e.g. for damages or insurance benefit)
  • Defense against third party liability claims

Out-of-court dispute resolution and advice

  • Out-of-court representation and negotiation to settle disputes
  • Advice on avoiding conflicts and liability
  • Drafting of contracts and clauses

Tobias Wessel studied law in Freiburg im Breisgau. During his legal internship, he worked with a nationwide law firm specializing in liability and insurance law and represented clients in numerous liability proceedings.


Magdalena Möhlenkamp
Lawyer (Rechtsanwältin)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-57

Magdalena Möhlenkamp advises companies and decision makers on corporate and liability law.

Magdalena Möhlenkamp focuses among others on risk management and the design of compliance systems. Magdalena Möhlenkamp advises companies and decision makers on minimizing liability risks, for example in the context of transactions and investments or in critical situations of the company. In this context, she considers insolvency and insurance law issues.

Corporate law

  • Advisory of companies and decision makers on corporate design options
  • Preparation of decisions of managers and supervisory boards with regard to the prevention of personal and corporate liability
  • Restructuring and reorganization


  • Drafting and design of compliance systems
  • Assessment and optimization of processes and organizational structures
  • Advice on individual measures with regard to the avoidance of personal and corporate liability


  • Evaluation of liability potentials
  • Advising companies and decision makers in crisis
  • Advice of decision makers on (imminent) claims for damages

Magdalena Möhlenkamp studied law at the University of Passau and at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn. She passed a specialist language training for lawyers in English. During her legal traineeship, she worked with a leading corporate law firm specializing in property and liability law in New York City.


Frederic Neu
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Executive Master of Insurance

Tel + 49 (0)30 81 72 732-10

Frederic Neu specializes in liability and coverage under insurance and reinsurance contracts.

Working at our Berlin Office, he advises companies and decision-makers on matters regarding:


  • Representation in the judicial and out-of-court settlement of claims


  • Assessment of coverage concepts
  • Advising companies on insurance programs
  • Drafting and development of insurance programs for new insurance products


  • Handling of cover issues
  • Advice on interpretation of contract clauses
  • Structuring of reinsurance programs

Frederic Neu studied law in Augsburg. He also holds an Executive Master of Insurance gained at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. As part of his legal traineeship, he worked with a law firm specialized in insurance law and with a law firm in San Francisco (California). Before joining the law firm Wilhelm, he had for some years been responsible for the settlement of liability claims in the claims department of a large reinsurer. Most recently he worked in underwriting.

He advises in German, English and French.


Dr. Andreas Shell
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

As former Global Head of Claims with a multinational insurer, Dr. Andreas Shell is one of the leading experts in Germany for property insurance. 

After more than 25 years of experience in commercial insurance, Dr. Andreas Shell today advises reinsurers as well as insured companies on claims settlement and related insurance issues.

Policy holder advice

  • Supporting policy holders during claim settlement, in particular re the communication with insurers
  • Representation in negotiations with insurers and before international arbitral courts
  • Pre-contractual advice on individual risks and on drafting of property insurance policies

Re-insurance advice

  • External Claims Control Counsel (loss adjuster) re medium-sized and major insured events
  • Advising on cost-optimization in claims handling and on accumulation of reserves
  • Party representation in (re-)insurance arbitration

For many years, Dr. Andreas Shell was responsible for the settlement of major damages around the world at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), for example coordinating the claims settlement across all lines after September 11, 2001. A special focus of his expertise is on property, energy and technical insurance.

Dr. Andreas Shell knows how insurers decide, argue and negotiate, which helps him advising insureds with complex major losses seeking cover.

He is fluent in English, French and Italian.


Bernd Guntermann, LL.M.
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Master of Laws (Commercial Criminal Law)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Bernd Guntermann specializes in commercial criminal law and tax criminal law

He supports and represents decision makers during preliminary proceedings and in lawsuits. In addition to the defense of individuals, he coordinates the simultaneous defense of multiple board members or employees on behalf of their company. He works closely with our practice group D&O Liability and Insurance in order to resolve civil and criminal law-related liability issues comprehensively.

Bernd Guntermann advises companies in critical business situations, for example during internal investigations prior to possible preliminary proceedings. Furthermore, he helps clients avoiding risks concerning commercial and tax criminal law. He advises board members and company owners on the development and optimization of compliance programs.

Defense and representation

  • Individual defense of decision makers and private individuals
  • Coordinating the simultaneous defense of several board members
  • Defending companies in cases of disgorgement and company fines
  • Defense in criminal proceedings regarding tax and customs law
  • Corruption and proprietary criminal law, insolvency criminal law
  • Immediate support in cases of search or arrests: +49 211 687746-70

Advice and development

  • Internal investigations
  • Drafting and evaluation of compliance systems
  • Criminal due diligences in the course of transactions
  • Compliance and advice for real estate and investment companies
  • Advice during critical tax audits
  • Advice on voluntary disclosures

Bernd Guntermann works as an Of Counsel with Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte. He holds a Master in Commercial Criminal Law and is a specialist solicitor (Fachanwalt) for tax law as well as for commercial and corporate law.


Albrecht Birke
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Albrecht Birke advises multi-national companies - direct insurers and reinsurers - with the objective to reach extrajudicial settlement of insurance cases.

He clarifies complicated facts and specializes in arbitration.

Technical and legal facts

  • Clarifying the relevant technical issues of the case and assessing liability and coverage
  • Close cooperation with the policy holder’s or the insurer’s experts as well as with market experts


  • Acting as arbitrator (party-appointed arbitrator or umpire)
  • Advising clients in arbitration proceedings

International matters in commercial insurance

  • Advising on differing national regulations and cross-border damages calculation
  • Advising companies on product information, operating instructions and manuals in international business and on local insurance coverage

Albrecht Birke worked as claims manager with direct insurers and reinsurers for more than 30 years. During this time, he resolved numerous major losses worldwide. He has profound experience with French and Anglo-American law and extensive knowledge of various European languages (among others fluent in English, French and Spanish).


Werner Becker, M.B.L., MBA
Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0

Working at our Berlin office, Werner Becker advises decision makers and companies on issues regarding corporate law, commercial criminal law and criminal law.

As aspecialist solicitor (Fachanwalt) for criminal law and for tax law he complements Wilhelm’s team in advising clients in critical business situations, from corporate restructuring to managers’ liability. At the same time, he clarifies possible problems regarding commercial criminal law. He represents clients before investigation authorities and in criminal trials.

Werner Becker supports companies in structuring internal compliance programs, i.a. with regard to tax compliance. 

Corporate law

  • Legal advice in critical business situations
  • Advising on financing issues
  • Compliance and tax compliance advice

Commercial criminal law and tax law

  • Advising decision makers on how to avoid risks regarding commercial criminal law
  • Advising companies on how to protect against attacks
  • Defense of individuals and advice on criminal law
  • Advice on business risks regarding tax criminal law

Werner Becker holds a “Master of European and International Business Law (MBL)” of the University of St. Gallen as well as a “MBA of Entrepreneurial Management” of the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin.

As executive of the real estate company Teutonia Holding AG, he has many years of experience in managing reals estate portfolios. Furthermore, he accompanied a series of real estate transactions. 


Christoph Manke
PR & Business Development

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-54

Christoph Manke works with Wilhelm as communication consultant specializing in crisis communication and litigation PR. 

He advises our clients on all aspects of public relations to help avoid reputation damages in a crisis. Christoph Manke coordinates legal strategies and the accompanying external communication. He cooperates closely with our clients' communication departments and the legal counsels.

By planning all communication strategically and by keeping close and cooperative contact to the relevant journalists, Christoph Manke offers important support to clients in various situations:

Crisis communication

  • Development of communication strategies to help resolve a crisis
  • Adressing the media actively (press releases, press conferences) and acting as a contact person for journalists (interim press spokesman)
  • Development of wordings (Q&As) that prepare managers and employees for press inquires
  • Advice on the communication vis-à-vis employees and business partners in times of crisis

Litigation PR

  • Implementation of accompanying PR measures supporting the litigation
  • Coordination of the litigation strategy with the client’s public relations strategy
  • Monitoring and analysis of media coverage

Before joining our firm, Christoph Manke worked as a PR consultant in a leading German PR agency focusing on corporate, financial and crisis communication. He works with various journalists and PR experts.

Christoph Manke is contact person for all press inquiries regarding our firm’s work.


Natascha Ambrogio
Management and Insurance Assistant

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-25


Nicole Hörnke
Lawyer's Certified Senior Assistant
Head of Administration

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Christina Schulz

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Karolina Absalon

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Janina Schmidtke

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Kristina Hecimovic
Lawyer's Certified Assistant

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Katy Kessing
Assistant Foreign Accounts

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Sylwia Paslawski
Assistant Foreign Accounts

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Sevgi Aydogan

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Yasmin Samwia

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0


Volker Meurer
Fleet and Facility Management

Tel + 49 (0)211 68 77 46-0