International airline industry faced with billion dollar loss

Monday, October 29, 2012 Veröffentlichungen

Article by Albrecht Birke in CM Report 3/2012

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airliner actually in production. This so-called superjumbo seats between 400 and 800 passengers. Airlines operate this type since 2007. The price per unit lies in the area of USD 350m and USD 400m.

With the decision to build the A380 Airbus intended to break Boeing's monopoly in the production of ultra-large passenger airliners. But the introduction of the A380 into the world aviation market cost Airbus dearly due to delayed development and delivery. Now Airbus is threatened by serious losses deriving from serial product defects in the wings of the airliners, as the article by Albrecht Birke points out.


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