5 August 2014

Dr. Mark Wilhelm recommended by Legal Media Group's Expert Guides

The recently published Expert Guides "Insurance and Reinsurance 2014" recommend our partner Dr. Mark Wilhelm as one of the leading experts in Germany.

Since 20 years, the editors and research team with Legal Media Group annually select the best lawyers of their field in the major legal markets across the globe. The ranking is based on recommendations by peers.

The full list „Insurance and Reinsurance Germany 2014“ is also published online.


23 May 2014

"ART models often more cost efficient"

Dr. Mark Wilhelm in Commercial Risk Europe E-Newsletter of 22nd May 2014 on the advantages of alternative capital for primary buyers

Mr Wilhelm finds it astonishing that risk managers have not started to rethink their risk transfer strategy. "Most risk managers are clinging to traditional industrial insurance," he said.

Mr Wilhelm concedes that alternative risk transfer models for companies are complex and have to be tailor-made. But the effort is usually worth it, he said. Alternative schemes are often more cost efficient and allow for improved risk management, he added.

The schemes also represent a chance for risk managers to boost their standing within their companies. "They can jettison the outdated image of a mere buyer of insurance," said Mr Wilhelm.

The full article can be found here.


20 January 2014

„No consistent reduction quotas yet“

Christian Becker in the German weekly Euro am Sonntag on payment reductions by insurers in cases of gross negligence.

The full article (German language only) is available on


18 December 2013

"Many insurers cut payments inappropriately"

Christian Becker in the German monthly Finanztest 01/2014 on the claim settlement in cases of gross negligence.

The full article (German language only) is available upon request. It can also be downloaded on



9 December 2013

Liability and D&O in the spotlight

Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte is official partner of the EUROFORUM conference "Haftpflicht 2014"

The annual conference on liability hosted by EUROFORUM is the meeting point for commercial insurers, policy holders and brokers who discuss new products, changing legal framework, risk management issues and compliance requirements.

The conference will again take place in Hamburg on 16 and 17 January 2014. Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte will be hosting the get-together as sponsoring partner of EUROFORUM.

For further information on the upcoming conference and on topical issues of the market please see the EUROFORUM newsletter "Haftpflicht und D&O im Fokus" (German language only) and the website


30 October 2013

JUVE: Wilhelm on par with major law firms

In its 2013/2014 edition published on 28 October 2013, the JUVE guide to the German legal market “Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien” again lists Wilhelm as one of the most renowned law firms for insurance law in Germany.

The editors highlight Wilhelm’s growing international business via its cooperation partners in the US and UK as well as in Continental and Eastern Europe. According to JUVE, Wilhelm has already reached the standard of competing major firms when it comes to highly complex cases, especially with regard to D&O.

The JUVE researchers base their evaluation on interviews with various clients, corporate counsels and attorneys.

Already earlier in October, Wilhelm was ranked by the German weekly FOCUS as one of the leading insurance firms in Germany based on recommendations from within the market.

Please find the full review of our firm by JUVE here.


17 October 2013

FOCUS ranking: Wilhelm one of Germany’s leading business law firms

According to the German weekly FOCUS, Wilhelm Rechtsanwälte is one of the leading German business law firms for insurance.

The ranking was published on Tuesday, 15 October 2013, in the special issue FOCUS-SPEZIAL “Deutschlands Top-Anwälte”.

The research conducted by Statista for FOCUS was based on recommendations by more than 4,200 specialized lawyers and 1,700 attorneys working in major business law firms in Germany. In addition to the number of recommendations, the research team considered the media coverage on the individual firm to evaluate the firm's reputation.


4 April 2013

"Conclusion of W&I policies often hindered by tight timing"

Dr. Mark Wilhelm in the German newspaper Handelsblatt on current developments in W&I insurance

The full article and an English translation are available upon request.